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Do you have application packet trace baselines?

Check out CleverView for cTrace Analysis!
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CleverView for cTrace Analysis allows users to remotely generate traces and automate the trace generation using scheduling with interval recording functions across multiple systems. Other locally or network generated traces can be migrated into CleverView for cTrace Analysis for in-depth analysis. The expert functions enhance diagnostic efforts and accelerates virtualization, cloud, mobile, application and IPv6 deployment. This new support for mobile devices enables IT to meet dynamic anywhere-anytime business demand with reduced costs and improved IT service deliveries. It is designed to help users make virtualization and cloud projects a success by resolving problems more quickly, with expanded remote tracing, extending the expert analysis of network traffic for multi-architecture environments*, including z/OS®, Linux, Linux on z System®, IBM i®, z/VM®, z/VSE®, AIX, OSA Express, and Windows®.

CleverView for cTrace Analysis supports z/OS packet trace, z/OS Data Trace, IBM i Communications trace, OSAENTA trace, Linux on System z, Linux, AIX,UNIX, z/VM, z/VSE, Windows, Android, iOS, PCAP trace, and Sniffer trace.

Multi-Architecture Support

Trace generation for z/OS®, OSAENTA, HiperSockets™, Windows®, Linux, Linux on System z, AIX, Android, and more. Import and analysis for any trace generated with CleverView for cTrace Analysis, Sniffer, or any trace file with a .cap or .pcap extension. Details on IBM i trace generation and conversion for analysis are provided. IPv4 and IPv6 protocol support.

Ease of use

Auto-scheduling of packet capture. Pinpoints performance issues by providing host time breakout. Simultaneous interval based tracing . Side-by-side trace comparison with TraceDiff for faster problem resolution. QueryBuilder filters captured data allowing focus on specific items under investigation. Critical session reports with response times and transfer rates.


Packet discard/port tracing available. System level credentials required. SU command capability for Linux/UNIX/AIX tracing. z/OS Data trace reveals application level inconsistencies before encryption or after decryption.

Mainframe packet trace exclusives Capture and analyze both OSA and HiperSocket LANs. Real-time packet trace decoding using z/OS API. Capture multiple LPAR packet traces through the OSA interface from one z/OS system. Mainframe-based OSA Real-Time packet diagnostics.

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