Case Studies

A CleverView® for cTrace Analysis Case Study (A Large Healthcare Provider on the West Coast)
Learn how this healthcare provider, using CleverView for cTrace Analysis, was able to track down a misbehaving FTP application that was wreaking havoc on the mainframe and advise the developers how to make it compliant to FTP standards. More >>

A CleverView® for TCP/IP & cTrace Analysis Case Study (A Major New York Bank)
Learn how a major bank based in New York is using CleverView for TCP/IP to monitor their OS/390-centric TCP/IP connectivity and workload and CleverView for cTrace to provide the bank's technicians with detailed trace analysis and reporting of IP packets. More >>

A CleverView for TCP/IP Case Study (A National Securities Depository)
Read about a national securities depository that, realizing the need for a host-centric IP-savvy monitoring product, selected CleverView for TCP/IP to help them avoid network and/or application outages that are simply not an option in this critical financial environment. More >>

CLEVER eRoute® Case Study (A Major Health Care Organization)
This major health care organization believed there was a critical need for a product powerful enough to review and manage IP routing, perform daily route studies and fault isolation for the entire network, establish baselines for hops and delays to each site, and provide data for long-term performance trending. Learn how CLEVER eRoute meets this need, in addition to meeting their budgeting constraints. More >>

A CleverView for TCP/IP Case Study (A Major Financial Services Company)
This $50 billion diversified financial services company needed to manage this evolving hybrid network of HPR and TCP/IP connectivity and rapidly expanding session traffic and report on its performance. In order to meet critical Service Level Objectives, they needed to be able to consistently monitor network response times, as well as maximize their ability to monitor branch-based customer service client PCs. Discover the ways in which CleverView for TCP/IP has been able to successfully address these issues. More >>

A CleverView for cTrace Analysis Case Study (A Large Hospital and Health Services Entity based in the Southeast)
One of AES customers is a large hospital and health services entity based in the Southeast region of the US. They had just implemented a third-party product to bridge the gap between legacy applications and databases by utilizing a SOA design via a Web-based front-end interface. More >>
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